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Jude/Smithy/Lee/[Insert more monikers here]. 19. Student. Writer. Christian. Aromantic asexual. Non-neurotypical. User of male- and gender-neutral pronouns (typically "they" but if you want to call me by another set of gender-neutral pronouns that's cool also).

I love Hannibal, They Might Be Giants, outer space, stuffed animals, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and dogs. Also quite keen on various other fandoms, art, morbid and/or surreal humor, TV Tropes, nightmare fuel, animals, and food.

Blogging about my life and problems pleases me.

I'm either the nicest, most benevolent narcissist or the most unempathetic, self-absorbed nice person you're likely either way to meet.

There are people who say I'm the Emperor of the H2G2 Fandom.

For those who are, for some reason, further interested, there are links below.

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bunny-in-wonderland said: I hope you have sweet dreams!

Thanks. I hope i do too.




do you ever think about who you’d be shipped with if your life was a tv show 

i do now


mezzalunanova said: You’re really feeling the way our cells fully replace themselves every seven years, eh?

Possibly. It hasn’t been seven actual years since I last felt like I was someone different but it’s the same basic principle, when applied in a metaphorical fashion.



My grandfather got suspended from Catholic school for referring to Jesus Christ and the twelve apostles as J.C. and the Boys.





someone who has never played OFF try and explain this photo

frankie muniz and the scout are plummeting at extreme speeds down a roller coaster and scout seems to be screaming his vocal cords out while frankie muniz’s eyes show no signs of fear, only acceptance.

they are descending to hell and cannot be stopped


Goodnight. I’m going to bed.


That moment when you really really despise a character but also really really identify with them



*at job interview* Oh yes, my criminal record? The only thing illegal I’ve done is absolutely KILLIN it on the dancefloor. Haha, just kidding! I have killed a man



a playlist for when you’re appreciating being human.

i. dead sea the lumineers ii. weight of living pt. i bastille iii. i don’t wanna pray edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros iv. instant crush daft punk v. working man imagine dragons vi. i warned you do not make an enemy of me los campesinos! vii. preacher onerepublic viii. gasoline the silent comedy ix early birdie owl city x. avocado, baby los campesinos!

playlist for when you’re not.

i. c o m p a n i o n aural automaton ii. you’re a wolf sea wolf iii. laura palmer bastille iv. uptight imagine dragons v. let the poison spill from your throat the faint vi. proteigon omar & nodey vii. the strangest things radical face viii. i am sick of people being sick of my shit the world/inferno friendship society ix. contact daft punk x. desperately safe alias conrad coldwood


nyarlathotwink said: trUE I need more neuratypicality stuff on my dash tbh

I like talking about how I think fictional characters are neuroatypical and how my own characters are neuroatypical.