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Jude/Smithy/Lee/[Insert more monikers here]. 20. Student. Writer. Christian. Aromantic asexual. Egocentrist. Non-neurotypical. Non-binary.

Pronouns include they/them/theirs, ey/em/eirs, and he/him/his.

I love They Might Be Giants, Withnail and I, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, outer space, A Christmas Story (actual favorite movie), Hannibal, Marvel movies, stuffed animals, David Bowie, and dogs. Also quite keen on various other fandoms, art, morbid and/or surreal humor, TV Tropes, nightmare fuel, animals, and food. I like fixating on fictional relationships because relationships on the whole fascinate me.

Blogging about my life and problems pleases me. I do not mind it when people "like" my more unhappy posts (in fact, I kind of like it because it shows that someone actually saw it). Likewise, I might "like" your unhappy posts to indicate that I saw it.

I'm either the nicest, most benevolent narcissist or the most unempathetic, self-absorbed nice person you're likely either way to meet.

There are people who say I'm the Emperor of the H2G2 Fandom.

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So this is a very short piece (405 words), and it is about science. Sort of. It’s about protons, and specifically about one proton coming to realize why like charges repel each other.



  Proton A hated Proton B, and the feeling was reciprocated. If it weren’t for the fact that they had their friend, the Neutron, to mediate between them and keep them hidden for each other, their mutual repulsion would literally tear the atom apart. It was a very fortunate thing that the neutral subatomic particle was there. Nobody wanted the atom to fly apart, not even the protons. It just wasn’t a thing they could help.

   It wasn’t as though Proton A could contain its hate for Proton B. In fact, it wasn’t as though Proton A could contain its hate for any other proton. There was something about the mere fact of seeing another positively charged subatomic particle that filled it with an uncontrollable rage and violence against the other member of its kind. Such a violence between like charges would rip apart atoms and, if allowed to occur in all atoms, had the potential to destroy everything in the universe. All things are made of atoms; protons must be separated from each other if matter as we know it is going to persist.

   Why did the Proton hate all other protons? They had the same charge. They were similar. In the rest of science and in the rest of the world, similar things seemed to want to go together. Polar substances such as water cohered to other polar substances. Humans with similar brains were compelled to interact with each other. Protons could not stand other protons.

   It was then that the Proton realized something about itself. Were it two entities, they would be repelled by each other. They wouldn’t be able to stand each other because they were copies of the same thing, and it was a thing that hated itself. The Proton, in short, was a violent mass of self-hate. All protons hate themselves. There isn’t any logical reason for it, but strong feelings like self-hatred don’t have to be logical to be dangerous or painful. They don’t even have to be logical at all. No matter how logical science is, and no matter how logical the Proton should be, it couldn’t justify its rabid self-hate. It made it more grateful for the neutrons, more rageful at the other protons, and more – just a little bit more, but still by a measurable degree – afraid for the universe, which was comprised of atoms, all of which contained something so self-hating and dangerous as this.

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