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Jude/Smithy/Lee/[Insert more monikers here]. 20. Student. Writer. Christian. Aromantic asexual. Egocentrist. Non-neurotypical. Non-binary.

Pronouns include they/them/theirs, ey/em/eirs, and he/him/his.

I love They Might Be Giants, Withnail and I, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, outer space, A Christmas Story (actual favorite movie), Hannibal, Marvel movies, stuffed animals, David Bowie, and dogs. Also quite keen on various other fandoms, art, morbid and/or surreal humor, TV Tropes, nightmare fuel, animals, and food. I like fixating on fictional relationships because relationships on the whole fascinate me.

Blogging about my life and problems pleases me. I do not mind it when people "like" my more unhappy posts (in fact, I kind of like it because it shows that someone actually saw it). Likewise, I might "like" your unhappy posts to indicate that I saw it.

I'm either the nicest, most benevolent narcissist or the most unempathetic, self-absorbed nice person you're likely either way to meet.

There are people who say I'm the Emperor of the H2G2 Fandom.

Tracking the tag "thewordsmithy"; I love being tagged in stuff.

For those who are, for some reason, further interested, there are links below.

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